For People Who Work Hard and Play Harder, Start Every Day With Some Morning Wood Bamboo!

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About Morning Wood Bamboo


It started with two brothers, their uncle and a dream. “Let’s design a unique brand of products, a brand that identifies with people. Let’s partner with people who work hard and play harder. Let’s recognize their love of life and their commitment to create a better world. Let’s be a part of their everyday lives. Let’s be there to help them start their day.”

So, LEVI, the firefighter, MATT, a transportation engineer, and UNCLE BILLY, a military veteran, and civil engineer created a brand, a brand we are extremely proud of….and MORNING WOOD BAMBOO was born.

We look forward to meeting, collaborating, and sharing our love for life with all of you.

To all of our HEROES:
Our police officers, veterans, active military men and women, firefighters, teachers, farmers, truckers. To all our single moms and dads, our doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and physical therapists. To our construction workers, veterinarians, small business owners, hardcore fitness brothers and sisters, and to every one of you that make this place we play on so damn amazing!

Continue to be different, trash the status quo, grab life by the mid-section, and squeeze, show your middle finger to those who don’t support you, use success as revenge, help a stranger in need. Love more than you work, work more than you sleep, sleep more than you party, party as much as you can. Stop and watch a sunset, get a tattoo, and get another tattoo, eat breakfast for dinner, take your own bag of candy to the movies, order extra pickles, don’t take no for an answer – unless no is the answer you are looking for, put some hot sauce on that shit, dance your ass off, go jogging in the rain, do one more rep, go commando on Casual Friday. Start every day with some MORNING WOOD, grab that wood and live life like you mean it!

Welcome to the MWB family, everyone!

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